Branch Standard Bearers at the 2016 National Conference

(Blackpool - 13 / 15 May)



Above Left “The Competitors”: Left to Right

Marty Latham-Scott - Scotland and Northern Ireland Area Standard Bearer

Chris Peel - Deputy National Standard Bearer

Mike Facey - National Standard Bearer

Shawn Marston - Wales, Midlands & South-West Area Standard Bearer

Harry Dowson - Deputy Northern Area Standard Bearer

Above Right “The Winner”

Shawn Marston being congratulated by Association President Air Marshall Sir Dusty Miller.

Top Left and Right:

Shawn Marston at work during the competition.

Bottom Left and Right

Our 2 Branch Standard Bearers ready for the National Conference Sunday Parade on Blackpool Promenade, Eric Blackie carrying the Shrewsbury and District Branch Standard and Shawn Marston carrying the Wales, Midland & South-West Area Standard.

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Click on a picture for a large view