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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Royal Air Forces Association Shrewsbury and District Branch will take place on 1 March 2021 at 1100hrs remotely via Zoom/email.

We live in unusual times and it may seem strange that we are planning a formal AGM.  The reason we need to do so is that each branch of the Association is an individual Charity and as such must comply with the Charity Commissioners Regulations, those require us to hold an AGM.  Once this horrible pandemic is over and we can resume our Social Meetings you will be provided with full details of our activities over the past year.   Our Zoom time is limited for the meeting so we hope to keep Zoom attendance to the minimum, however, if Members do wish to attend the Zoom meeting please contact the Chairman at
paulsharp727@aol.com who will send you a link. Any questions on the content of this NOTICE, questions to the Chairman, or Resolutions for consideration at the AGM should be passed to the Chairman at paulsharp727@aol.com before noon on 22 February 2021. Members are encouraged to refer to the Branch’s website at www.rafashrewsbury.org.uk for updates, and the details of any Resolutions for consideration at the AGM submitted by the membership.

The AGENDA for the AGM is as follows:

1. The Association Dedication.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the last AGM held on 2 March 2020 – Proposed by the Chairman, Seconded by the Secretary.*
(The Minutes are available on the Branch’s website or via the above link. Members without electronic connection are reminded that facilities are available for public use at libraries)


3. Acceptance of the Chairman’s Report – Proposed by the Chairman, Seconded by the Secretary.*
(The Chairman’s report is below)

4. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report and the Audited Statement of Accounts – Proposed by the Treasurer, Seconded by the Chairman.*
(The Treasurer’s Report is below with headline figures. The full audited accounts will be available on the Branch’s website from 15 February 2021).

5. Approval of the Auditors – Proposed by the Treasurer, Seconded by the Chairman that Baldwins (Shrewsbury) Ltd be reappointed as the Branch’s Auditors for the coming year.*

6.  Election of Officers and Committee. The present Committee has agreed to continue in post for the coming year. All have been proposed and seconded in accordance with the requisite regulations. It is proposed by the President that the Committee be re-elected to serve for the coming year.*
(Chairman/Wings Appeal Organiser – Paul Sharp; Vice Chairman/Secretary – John Tisbury; Treasurer – Pam Small; Welfare Officer/Membership Secretary – Paul Martin; Social Secretary/RAFAC Liaison Officer – Michael Bradbury; Assistant Welfare Officer – Iain Davison; Web Master – Michael Farmer).

7. Approval for the Committee to appoint a Delegate for National and Area Conference once the dates are advised.*

8. Any Other Business notified. (Please refer to the Branch’s website for details).

*Any objections to the proposals should be notified to the Chairman before noon on 22 February 2021. Silence will signify acceptance.


This has been a very strange year in many ways and I know that you will all have faced your own challenges and difficulties.  Once it became clear that the Pandemic would lead to restrictions of movement, particularly for those Shielding, we cancelled all planned meetings and started to contact all members by email or post to inform you of our decision and ascertain if anybody required any form of assistance or support.  You are clearly a very resilient lot as we only received a small number of requests for assistance all of which we have been able to satisfy from internal Branch resources and the invaluable help of our RAFALO, Sqn Ldr Gary James, and his friends for which I am extremely grateful.

Where possible I have tried to maintain our normal representation at events such as Remembrance Day and Battle of Britain Day. On both occasions wreathes were laid on behalf of our Branch.  Paul Martin and I remain in contact with Shropshire Council’s Armed Forces Outreach Support Group through which we hear of requests for assistance and receive information on the activities of other Service Charities in Shropshire.

Hopefully you will have received the messages that have sent out and so will have heard of Op Connect which is intended to provide both physical and emotional support at this time.  Shrewsbury Branch donated £1000 to this initiative in addition to returning our annual Membership Rebate to HQ.  I would be very interested to hear any feedback from members who have contacted Op Connect or used any of the facilities provided?

I am delighted and grateful that our President and all Committee members have agreed to stand again for next year and hope that you will support their offers to continue in post.  Their individual support has gone unseen to you but has been an important part of our background activities. This does not mean that I would not be very happy to hear from any members who would like to join the Committee in the future and take up some of the roles which are currently double hatted.

As mentioned at the start of this message the time we have for our online meeting (Zoom) is very limited and does not allow a great deal of time for discussion or explanation.  If you have a question or wish to raise an issue ahead of the AGM please contact me directly: Tel – 07757101858 or email – paulsharp727@aol.com.  

Finally, I hope that you all remain safe and well and look forward to a time when we can recommence our meetings when it is safe to do so.


The Branch financial activity has been limited during 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Donations totaled £710.25, which included monies from the will of Brian Beattie and later from Pam Fildes funeral. The main expenditure was for contacting our members by post if we did not hold their email address. The annual Membership Rebate was returned to HQ as part of our contribution to OpConnect for use by members in need Association wide.

As usual Baldwins, our Accountants have audited our accounts, which they have done for a number of years, so I propose that they are appointed to audit this year’s accounts at the end of 2021.

OUTLINE INCOME AND EXPENSES for the year ending 31 December 2020.

- Donations   £710.25
 - Monthly Raffles  £168
 - Wings Appeal  £632.40
 - Pooled Fares Credit £18.69
 - Delegate Refund  £224 (Cancellation of 2020 Annual Conference)
 - Accounts Interest  £18.66

 - Rent    £60
 - Delegate Expenses £224
 - Wreaths   £40
 - Postage/Printing/Stationary
 - Wings Appeal (to HQ) £632.40
 - Expenses   £356.90  (Mainly distribution of information to members with no email address – please pass details of your email address if you have one!)    

Cash in Bank
 - Community Account £1180.87
 - Business Account  £703.24
 - Central HQ Account £7259.07
Plus - Assets and stock  £1017.73

Original signed

John Tisbury
Shrewsbury and District Branch


2021 AGM

2020 Minutes Chairmans Report Tresurers Report