Area Token Arrives with the Shrewsbury Branch



after travelling around our Area’s Branches and RAF Units they will finally be brought back together at the Birmingham Military Tattoo at the end of November 2018 in order that we may ‘put together’ the RAF using the scale Spitfire model (seen at the 2015 Tattoo) as the focal point.

The concept for the Area project is to ‘build’ the RAF by taking tokens; which will be based on our commonly used pull-up banner within a purpose built decorative sleeve giving it the appearance, when closed, of a large Field Marshal’s Baton.

There are 3 tokens:

a.  the token travelling around the Midlands will represent the Royal Flying Corps.

b.  the token travelling around Wales will represent the Royal Naval Air Service.

c.  the token travelling around the South West will represent Major General Hugh Trenchard who was born in Taunton.