During the 2022 Area Conference Shawn successfully defended his role as Area Standard Bearer. He is seen here being presented with The Trophy. Click on the picture for a larger view.


Branch Standard Bearer News

Standard Bearers Diary

5th March 2016,   Shawn Marston, our branch standard bearer,  competed in the Area Standard Bearer Competition.   Having been the close runner-up for the past 2 years,  Shawn finally beat Mike Facey by the narrowest of margins.  Shawn was presented with the “Dave Porter Cup” by our Area President, Air Cdre Andrew Neal.  Mike Facey is the current National Standard Bearer,  and has been the Area winner for the past 9 years.   Shawn will now represent the Area at the National Standard Bearers competition during the National Conference in May.   On the left Shawn is shown with the 2 Trophies and the Area and Branch Standards.

3rd April 2016 - On parade at The Royal Air Force church - St Clement Danes in commemoration of the formation of the RAF were the Shrewsbusry and District Brach Standard bearer Shawn Marston on the left with the Wales, Midlands & South-West Area Standard and Mike Facey with the National Standard.

13th / 15th May 2016 -  During the National Conference held in Blackpool both our Branch Standard Bearers were active. Shawn Marston with the Area Standard and Eric Blackie with the Branch Standard.   Shawn also took part in the competition to find the Association National Standard Bearer for the next 3 years.   The competition was tough and we are delighted to report that our own Shawn Marston was the winner, this means that he will have the honour of representing the Association at the many events to commemorate the centenary of the formation of RAF in 2018.  Click here for more pictures.

17th June 2016 - RAFA Standard Bearers at the NMA

Left to Right:

Shawn Marston - Association Standard

Mike Facey - Wales, Mids & SW Area Standard

Roy Rudham - SE & E Area Standard

25th June 2016 - Plymouth Hoe

Shawn Marston, the RAFA Standard Bearer, Leading the Parade of veterans at Armed Forces Day 2016 celebrations.

15th / 17th May 2015  -  At the 2015 National Conference held at Eastbourne, Shawn Marston, our Branch Standard Bearer was selected to carry the Area Standard.

He was subsequently presented with the Fred Brisley Challenge Cup awarded to the best Area Standard Bearer on parade.

Shawn with the Area Standard on the sea front at Eastbourne

3rd Feburary 2015 - Three Standards on parade at the Funeral of Alan Poole held at Saint Mary the Virgin Church in Shawbury.

Left:   The National Standard carried by Mike Facey (RAFA National and  W, M & SW Area Standard Bearer).

Center:   The Area Standard carried by Shawn Marston (Dep W,M & SW Area and Branch Standard Bearer).

Right:   The Shrewsbury and Area Branch Standard carried by  Eric Blackie (Dep Branch Standard Bearer).

12th / 14th May 2017 -  During the National Conference held at Yarnfield Park at Stone in Staffordshire,  Shawn Marston was kept busy carrying both the Union Flag and the RAFA National Standard.  Click here or on the picture to view the rest of the pictures.

Standard Bearers at the Nat Conf

12th / 13th May 2018 -  The National Conference held at Yarnfield Park at Stone in Staffordshire,  Shawn Marston was once again busy with his Standard Bearer duties.  Click on the picture to see both Shawn and his deputy at the RAF100 service at the NMA on 13 May.

22nd / 24th March 2019 saw the holding of the Area Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Plymouth Hoe.   Once again Shawn Marston had a busy weekend acting as both the Shrewsbury branch delegate and tha Area Standard Bearer.  Click on the picture to the left to view Shawn in action.

Standard Bearer at the Area Conf

9th November 2019 saw Shawn on parade again this time with the National Standard at the Festival of Remembrance held at the Royal Albert Hall. Larger views of the 2 pictures can be viewed by clicking here.

10th/11th May 2019  - Shrewsbury Branch Standard Bearer Shawn Marston has retained the title of National Standard Bearer at the annual conference in Birmingham. He now has the auspicious honour of representing the entire RAFA membership at numerous events for the next 3 years. Click the above link to view his current Diary and the picture on the right to see a larger version.   

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25th Jun 2022 - After a lull in activity due to Covid-19 Shawn was active as the Nation Standard Bearer at the 2022 Armed Forced Day Parade in Scarborough.  Click here to view more pictures of the Standard Party

19th September 2022 -  The Cenotaph, Whitehall.  Op London Bridge

Shawn was on duty at the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Carrying the RAFA National Standard, he joined other Standard Bearers at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Click here to view other pictures and video clips of the event.