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1936 - To Date


The following time line will be expanded as more information comes available. If you have any information that will add to what we show below please contact the Web Master or any member of the committee.


- First General Meeting of the "Comrades of the Royal Air Forces Association" (CRAFA).


- The Air Council officially recognized the organization and Lord Trenchard accepted the Presidency.

- King George VI gave his patronage the Association has been honoured with Royal patronage ever since.
- Shrewsbury Branch of CRAFA formed on 1 March.


- The Women's Auxiliary Air Force reformed, and the Women's Royal Air Force Old Comrades Association (created in 1919) opened its membership to all ranks of the new female air service.


- First edition of "The CRAFA Chronicle" the journal of the Shrewsbury - Shawbury Branch.


- The 2 Old Comrades organizations for airmen and airwomen merged.


- Organization's name was changed to the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA).


- V-day celebrations took place at the Empire Air Navigation School at RAF Shawbury


- A copy of the November edition of Air Mail (dependant on your internet connection it may take some time to download!)


- RAFA Membership reached a peak with around 200,000 members and some 565 branches throughout the UK and overseas territories. 9 nine separate areas, each with its own HQ formed.


- Air Marshal Sir Richard Peck KCB OBE. Becomes RAFA President. Sir Richard served as president of the Association until 1952.


- HM the Queen becomes patron and the Duke of Edinburgh becomes President


- The Branch activities included a Cricket Team.
- RAFA acquired Richard Peck House named in memory of the long serving President AM Sir Richard Peck.


- Remembrance Parade.


- Following alterations including the conversion of some of the larger bedrooms and ground floor rooms, Richard Peck House opens.


- The Duke of Edinburgh becomes President again.


- On 6 Feb 25 members attended the AGM held at the Old Post Office Hotel

- On 28 March, RAF Shawbury received the Freedom of the Borough.
- In September, the Shrewsbury Branch paraded during the Battle of Britain Event.


- The Shrewsbury Branch was active during the Wings appeal.


- The Annual Dinner and Dance was held at the Shropshire Lad.


- The Prince of Wales becomes RAFA President.


- The Branch made a donation of £326 to Richard Peck House.


- The Branch made a donation of £614 to Richard Peck House for the purchase of a Fish Fryer.


- The Branch made a donation of £1490 to Richard Peck House, towards the provision of new dining room furniture and a video recorder.


- In May, the Branch presented a Picture to Richard Peck House and made a donation of £1300 to provide a Shower Unit in one of the rooms.


- The Branch made a donation of £4000 to Richard Peck House for the Construction of a Bar.

- RAFA Central Headquarters relocated to the heart of the country in Leicester, and in the process reduced the Association's Areas to five.
- The Branch donated over £2000 to Flowerdown House for the provision and installation of Conservatory Roof Blinds.


- The Branch donated £2200 to Flowerdown house towards the purchase of a wheelchair, a 4-wheel scooter and a washing machine.


- The Branch held a social gathering and presented £300 to the RAFBF.


- The Branch made donations totalling £300 to provide a Staff Photo Frame and a camera at Flowerdown House.

- The Branch made a donation (£1744) towards the refurbishment of Lounge Chairs and the installation of roof window blinds at Rothbury House.
- A further donation of £300 was made to Richard Peck House for the purchase of a Carpet.

2005 - The Branch made a donation of £750 towards the purchase of 3 easy chairs at Flowerdown House.

- The Branch made a donation of £1000 towards the costs of refurbishment at the Contact House at RAF Shawbury.
- The Branch Christmas Lunch featured in the Shrewsbury Chronicle.

- In May, the Branch visit to the
NMA was reported on the Shrewsbury Chronicle.

- The Branch was again active during the Wings appeal.

2011 - At the AGM held on 7 Mar, Air Commodore John Burke was elected Branch President

- The Branch donated £650 towards the costs of various items at the RAF Shawbury Contact House.

- At the monthly meeting held on 3 Sep the Branch was presented with a gold and and platinum tassel for the Standard.   You may wonder why our branch was able to celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2012, at the same time as the RAF Association celebrates its 70th Anniversary.   Before RAFA there was an organization called the RAF Comrades Association; when RAFA was formed branches of the Comrades Association were absorbed into RAFA.   The Shrewsbury Branch started as a branch of the Comrades Association and our history starts from that date.   In 2012 we were, in fact, 76 years old.

On 13 Mar the inter-services Football match between the RAF and the RN took place. Click here for the match report.

- On 21 Mar the Branch visited the National Waterways Museum

- On 1 Apr the Branch held it’s annual memorial service at the Shrewsbury War Graves

- On 18 Apr the members celebrated the RAFA 70th Anniversary with a lunch at the Wroxeter Hotel.

- On 26 Jun members visited the Wedgewood Museum

- On 26 Jul the Branch attended the RAF Shawbury Families Day

- In August Branch Members (including the Standard Bearer) attended the re-dedication of Battle of Britain Class Locomotive Number 34053 “Sir Keith Park”

- On 13 Oct members of the Branch visited the Birmingham Symphony Hall

- On 30 Nov members attended the Birmingham Military Tattoo

- On 2 Dec the Branch held its’ traditional Christmas Social

- A summary of the 2013 Wings Appeal appears here.


- In May, the branch arranged a visit to Hanbury Hall.

- In August, the Branch visited Brindley Place.

- In September, The Branch held Lunch at the Lord Hill (view the menu).  Members also attended the annual Shrewsbury Battle of Britain Parade.

- An October visit to the JCB Factory had to be cancelled due to low numbers

- In October an Ex RAF Shawbury Stn Cdr joined RAFA HQ

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- On 5th January the RAFA Director of Membership and Operations (DMO) made an informal visit to the branch.

- On 3rd February the Branch said farewell to Alan Poole.

- On 27th May - Branch Standard Bearer wins  Fred Brisley Challenge Cup.

- On 1st June - National Presidential Certificate Presentation.

- In November, members of the Branch attended the annual Remembrance Day Parade in Shrewsbury.

- Members were invited to RAF Shawbury to hear a Battle of Britain Presentation on 16th November.

- On 7th December - The Branch held its last meeting at the Reman Club.

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- In January, due to the closure of the Reman Club, the club monthly meetings moved to the Harlescott Social Club

- 7 March - The Branch held its AGM at the Harlescott Social Club.

- On 13th April the Branch made a presentation of 3 x George Forman Grills for use in the RAF Shawbury Contact Houses.

- On 10 August - 1119 Sqn ATC and Branch members visited the NMA

- A summary of the 2016 Wings Appeal appears here.


- In February, the branch donated  £1000 from the Welfare Account to the Midland Welfare Team for use in the provision of welfare in the Midland Area.

- On 29 July the branch was represented at the Vennington Show


- Vice President Rose Davis celebrates her 104th Birthday

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